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“Do you believe in luck?
“I used to. It didn’t work out.”

Clameur Du Cinéma presents Robert Bresson’s cinematic classic, A Man Escaped (1956).

Based on the memoirs of André Devigny, a member of the French Resistance during World War 2, the film follows a prisoner in a Nazi jail as he plans his escape.

“Watching a film like A Man Escaped is like a lesson in the cinema. It teaches by demonstration all the sorts of things that are not necessary in a movie. By implication, it suggests most of the things we’re accustomed to are superfluous. I can’t think of a single unnecessary shot in A Man Escaped.” – Roger Ebert

Screening Details:

  • 7.30pm, 27 July 2021
  • Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
  • Cert. U
  • Buy tickets online at http://www.guernseytickets.gg or at the venue’s box office

Coming Soon…

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(10 August 2021)

The Painter & The thief

(24 August 2021)

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