Film: Man Of Steel (2013)

Man Of Steel is one of those ‘near miss’ movies.  It’s good fun and full of (too many?) great images but would really benefit from turning the volume down to eleven and a bit of re-arranging.  The idea of Lois Lane hunting an urban myth is brilliant but really shouldn’t have been resolved so early.  Similarly, the spaceship and suit shenanigans could have waited as the idea of Lois and Clark hunting the same person until the final reel suggests a much more satisfying film and a storyline that would have worked nicely in tandem with Zod’s ultimatum.

Ultimately,  maybe it’s the idea of Superman and the way it’s used that is least satisfying.  Don’t get me wrong, the narrative of two Jewish writers creating a saviour, an only son sent to guide us, is fantastic but the films never seem to touch on the possibility of a golum story and end up being a bit too neat.

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