Film: One from the Heart (1982)

One from the Heart @

Filmed entirely on sound stages with only the slightest of plots, Coppola’s love letter to the good old days of the Studio movie is an odd fish but still quite wonderful in it’s own right.

The film marries a small, street level, working class story with the kind of lavish treatment usually only afforded to the glitterati (those who glitter) and, admittedly, this does cause a slight disconnect because the staging suggests a grandiosity that doesn’t appear to be on it’s way… but there is great comic play between all the actors, the soundtrack by Tom Waits and featuring Crystal Gayle compliments the film perfectly, 4:3 framing and then Frannie (a perfectly cast Terri Garr) and Ray (the much missed Raul Julia) dance in the street and the whole thing comes together.  A delight.

Highly Recommended.

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