Film: The Hooligan Factory (2014)

The Hooligan Factory @

Like Mike Myers’ Austin Powers character, The Hooligan Factory suffers from the realisation that it’s target is both long gone and laughable in it’s own right.  As a result there is an initial feel that we could just be watching one of those films but, after a relatively laugh free first thirty minutes, this spoof finds it’s stride, gets comfy in what it wants to do and hits a level of stupidity that lifts everything and suddenly the laughter follows.

And there are some big laughs here; from running gags about an undercover police officer and ‘true’ hooligan auto-biographies to numerous moments of ludicrousness, and a visual gag involving a postbox that could be used as legal proof that ‘silly’ is comedy gold.  In each case the ideas are solid and the excellent cast, especially director and co-writer Nick Nevern in the role of Dex (all barely contained, bubbling over nutter), really deliver.

For the sake of full disclosure I’ve got to admit that I only picked up this film because I went to school with one of the writers about 200 years ago.  In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect but funny is funny and there is plenty of that on display.


Still chuckling about that postbox.

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