Film: Stake Land (2010)

Stake Land @

There’s plenty to like about Stake Land, a tale of survival in a post-vampire plague world.  The characters and ideas are interesting, the look is spot on, the scares and grue are as they should be and Mister, the film’s rock, is the original movie badass.

The really interesting thing however, what lifts it above the many similar movies, is it’s communal take on the apocalypse.  This is a film in which people are drawn to each other, often in celebration, rather than thrown apart.  To be a vampire is to be lonely and cast out, a great distinction from the living which has always echoed through tales of the undead.  Even Mister seems to crave company, a character trait that nicely subverts the stereotype and pays off neatly come the end.

Yes, there are wrong-uns but it’s nice to have a bit of warmth in the end times.

Highly recommended.

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