Film: Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl @

Here’s a great big slice of genre cinema for you.  Based on the pulp novel by Gillian Flynn (here adapting her own work for the screen), Fincher has delivered his most funest movie since Panic Room (2002); it’s trashy, quite glorious and, at moments, even hilarious.

In removing about 100 pages of content Flynn has sharpened the book’s focus and created a more compelling protagonist / antagonist battle.  Granted, some may feel that in ditching one character’s inner monologues the film pushes you to one side of the fence but, to counter that, the film also frees up a strain of black humour and lunacy that allows another character, and the story, to truly soar.

This is great fun in the same hokey strain as the rather excellent Stoker (2013) and, because it’s got that ‘quality’ sheen, you can impress your friends or editor with highbrow commentary on something that wasn’t a chore to watch… be sure to use the word ‘zeitgeist’.

Highly Recommended.

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