Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001 A Space Odyssey @

Is there a more chilling moment in film than HAL preparing a maintenance pod to kill one of the crew members of the Discovery?  Is there anything more looming than the Monolith or beautiful than the Star Gate?

These moments wrap up a lot of what I love about Kubrick’s film; the mixture of awe and dread that comes with real wonder.  To be honest it’s what I love about all of Kubrick’s films but the movie that I would most readily compare 2001 with is Spielberg’s Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind (1977).  Yeah, so obviously the subject matter is on the same wavelength, both films do a beautiful job of looking up, but more importantly they are both the stuff of dreams, films that can bother and trouble you until you rewatch them and then leave you pondering for days.  These are films that really live.

I wish I could watch them both for the first time.

Highly Recommended.

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