TV: Doctor Who – Season 8 (2014)

Doctor Who Season 8 @

So where to begin?  Season 8 started really promisingly, I even felt inclined to review it, but then, with the exception of almost two episodes it just died on the way to a truly bad finale (The Brigadier? Really?).  Which is a real shame because Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor.

So what’s the problem?  In short, it’s Clara Oswald.  Jenna Coleman has been doing what she can but the character just isn’t interesting and her boyfriend, Danny Pink, is worse.  He’s a character that you could only describe as a teacher, a soldier or ‘a bit sad’ or tall.  But it’s not his fault, he’s only here because this Doctor is not Clara’s pseudo boyfriend any more so that dynamic had to be shoehorned in elsewhere; presumably women are only allowed on telly if they are available to someone or girls will only watch if there is a romantic sub-plot.

Maybe I’m just miserable.  Maybe the sight of a mother riding a bicycle through the forest in her BBC mandated bike helmet just tipped me over the edge.

Ho-hum.  Roll on Season 9 and my nerdy and masochistic dedication to watching home-grown sci-fi on TV.

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