Film: Interstellar (2014)

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After the ‘teaser’ I tend to avoid trailers for films that I want to see.  I know that I want to see them so what’s the point of seeing a collection of the good bits?  And it pays off.

Interstellar is an enthralling piece of cinema.  It harks back to the vintage sci-fi of ideas and pioneer adventure and is full of giant vistas, high drama and breathless set-pieces.  It’s got dystopia (interestingly, what we see seems to have an Orwellian leftist flavour rather than the usual right-wing stooges – this is Nolan after all) and natural disaster because if you’re going to go big make sure you go big.

It’s also, despite Nolan’s usual detachment and thanks to an incredible cast, a touching human story focusing on parents and children.  In this respect, McConaughey, Chastain, Hathaway and Mackenzie Foy are the stars but the likes of Jon Lithgow and Bill Irwin, the latter bringing real character to one of the most fascinating movie robots in a long time, make this movie solid… and William Devane is in it.  William Devane!  If there is one criticism it’s that the appearance of ‘names’ did occasionally disrupt the immersion… I guess that’s my fault for not watching those trailers etc, but those few moments are worth the trade of seeing such stunning images for the first time.

Highly Recommended.

One thought on “Film: Interstellar (2014)

  1. Good review. I was pleased to see William Devane too. I really like his presence. I didn’t feel distracted by the stars, probably because the subject matter seems way above all the movie star nonsense.

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