Film: Fury (2014)

Fury @

I’ve been thinking about Fury quite a lot since watching it back in November because it’s a hard film to get a handle on.  It’s a solid war film in the cynical tradition of Cross of Iron (1977) with a strong cast and an unflinching approach to the meat-grinder side of warfare.  Away from the blood and mud it’s tank crew as family with Brad Pitt as father and Shia LaBeouf, better than ever before, as mother.  It’s a tough and gripping watch and then there is that scene at the dinner table…

It’s an odd scene.  The strangest family dinner since The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).  A real knife edge scene that you think is only going one way and then it doesn’t, but what it does instead seems to whitewash what the reality would have been.  Which is strange for a film that doesn’t pull punches… I’m struggling with this one scene but can’t deny it’s what elevates the film into the realm of fascinating.

Highly Recommended.

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