Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Ultimately the problem is a film about BDSM that doesn’t seem too interested in BDSM,  It likes the promise and the paraphernalia of it, the (unused) equipment and that room, but the actual act is beyond the good taste of a mass release movie.  In short, there is no danger here, no feeling of being at the edge, no spark.  Plus it can’t quite make up it’s mind whether sexual exploration is healthy or something practised only by the damaged or confused.

This is not the terrible film that one would expect, not by a long shot, but it needed to either be a damn lot less respectful and contentious or a heck of a lot more confident.  This is a film that should have taken us back to the early 90’s and the debates that pour out of films like Disclosure (1994), Falling Down (1993) or anything else with Michael Douglas…

…it doesn’t get anywhere close.

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