The Babadook (2014)

So, as a fan of movies I can only suggest that time spent watching The Babadook is time well spent.  As the father of a slightly pale boy with curly hair and a hint of Quentin Blake illustration about him, I can confirm that The Babadook is a hugely traumatic experience.  My film watching, more accurately the way I see films, has really changed since becoming a parent.  It’s no big revelation, it must happen to everyone, but horror films are getting trickier and violence really has to be just right.

Essentially a story of mental breakdown, Jennifer Kent has made of one the best and most confident horrors in recent memory.  Not a piece is out of place and even the ending, often the tipping point in horror, is wholly satisfying.  This is a genuine and heartfelt story with a strong female lead and it feels right because there is real struggle here and a parent that is tested.  That’s something that I really like nowadays.

Highly Recommended.

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