Avatar (2009)

Re-watching Avatar is a bit of a yearly thing.  Since first seeing it in 2009 I think I must have tried at least 5 times and here we are again because it’s a film that I think I should like.

So it turns out that watching the Collector’s Extended Bonus Super Fun Edition was a mistake because the original opening was a great piece of economic storytelling that took us from the gutter to the stars in barely any time.  Here it’s padded out and everything that was already clear is now sledge-hammered.

Beyond the start, the film still struggles with some of the same old tired racial clichés and plotting clichés and everything clichés but this time around it’s also a decent, old fashioned adventure movie with plenty of interesting ideas and impressive set pieces.

Got to admit that I quite enjoyed it.

The big knife is still stupid.


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