Black Sea (2014)

Gold bars are brilliantly cinematic.  They are the most simplistic representation of wealth you could hope for and, because the bars are heavy, you can see that lifting them comes at a cost.  They also glisten.  Cash is just paper, the country it’s printed in could crumble tomorrow, but gold will always be gold.  Dobbs knows it and so does Kelly.

Black Sea is about Nazi gold and a group of men so trodden on that they are willing to travel to the bottom of the ocean to get it.  It’s a tense, ensemble piece led by Jude Law and directed by Kevin Macdonald.  Both actor and director take solid steps and so does the script by Dennis Kelly which, of course, heads exactly where you think it will but why else would you be watching?

This is a claustrophobic gem with some genuine heart in mouth moments and, like all theses films, it succeeds because no matter what happens you’re still hoping some gold makes it to the surface.

Highly Recommended.

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