Jurassic World (2015)

Go to the cinema to watch this movie and you will be entertained.  That’s the deal Universal offered with the trailer and that is what they have honoured.  The film gets a lot right, the characters are clear and so is the action.  Everything moves long at a great pace (for once 2hrs didn’t feel like it), and it looks great.  Even the fan-service is done right including some well judged Faye Wray echoes.

You pay your money, you see the beasties, they’ve spared no expense.

What the film doesn’t have is the wonder and awe that preserved Jurassic Park (1993) as a classic.  One moment takes the breath away (the flare and the gate) but this isn’t a movie that looks up, it’s a disaster flick and Aliens (1986) and the forever ongoing American trauma of jungle warfare.  I’ve got no problem with this it’s just a matter of what the film is and isn’t; blockbuster entertainment as you hoped for but it promises not to trouble you any further.


Detritus – I saw it in 3D and as we don’t pay more for extra dimensions at my local cinema I feel guilty recommending it too freely but it did work well… even if it does have a great example of 3D’s miniaturizing effect that gives us sweeping shots of a toy helicopter.

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