Blackhat (2015)

So there’s no getting away from Blackhat being a disappointment, a reheated, autopilot bundle of director Michael Mann’s themes, images and obsessions.  I know that you could level that charge against most of his movies but there’s something missing here; that existential samurai feel (a.k.a. men looking into the distance, thinking about the heavy burden of being brilliant etc).  Without that essence the form overwhelms the content.  And, with it’s recycled images and atrocious ADR the form is nothing to get excited about.

Or maybe we still haven’t found a way to make computer hacking remotely compelling.

One thought on “Blackhat (2015)

  1. Spot on. The only hacking film worth its salt is Hackers, from ’95, in my opinion. I couldn’t even make it through Blackhat, and stopping a film midway through is not something to which I am accustomed. Great article.

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