Terminator Genisys (2015)

Most film series have an over-riding feel or theme that unify them and when they move away from it the results are often fatal.  For the Terminator series it’s all about dreams.  The first is an outright nightmare, the second is like a daydream that startles you awake and the third always felt tinged by John Connor’s insomniac paranoia.  That they also place memories of possible futures and actual dreams front and centre only re-enforces this feeling.  The forth film tried but lost this and the franchise became yet another action yarn.

Terminator Genisys doesn’t even bother.  It’s about fan service and convoluted (i.e. dumb) plotting.  It ends up offering nothing more than it’s existence and none of it is convincing.  Take Jai Courtney; Kyle Reese is no longer a battle scarred, half-starved soldier on a desperate mission, he’s now ‘generic action guy’ and interchangeable with countless others.  This goes for most of the film and, to be honest, if you hadn’t seen those spoilertastic trailers you’d still know exactly what’s coming.

Disappointing, but you already knew that didn’t you.

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