Review: The Iron Mask (2019)

If The Iron Mask is anything, it’s a lot of fun. Sure, it’s daft and ludicrous. Yep, you’re surprised by how much Arnie and Jackie Chan are actually in it. But it is fun.

Starring Jason Flemying, the film follows cartographer Jonathan Green as he travels from Russia to China and something about a princess and a dragon and Arnie is head guard at the Tower of London and Jackie is a prisoner there along with a man in an iron mask… look, I’m going to be honest, I watched it a couple of days ago and I’ve already forgotten much of the plot. I’m not entirely sure that matters though because it’s a film driven by action, locations, sights and sounds and, of course, the headline stars.

Aside from the stars, and as ‘doubled’ as their fights appear to be they are a pleasure to spend time with, the attraction here is the type of film. It’s a grand, continent spanning, brawling and magical adventure and we don’t see much of that anymore. In the minus column it’s heavily reliant on CGI so you don’t get that genuine ‘cinema of attractions’ / ‘local colour’ vibe but, even without that, it’s scope, much like Arnie’s commitment to the bit, is admirable.


The Iron Mask, from Signature Entertainment, is on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 8th June

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