We’re back…

A couple of month’s ago I made a presumption that we wouldn’t be screening again until November, possibly even next year. Even before we locked-down it became apparent that screenings would be irresponsible and, as we progressed through the initial phases of lockdown, nothing really changed that. We all stayed in, we washed our hands, and suddenly here we are in the ‘Bailiwick Bubble’ and so I’m really pleased to confirm that we will start screening films again on Wednesday 22 July 2020.

At the time of writing this I’m awaiting a confirmation about the licence (nothing ever changes) for our first film and event details will be released soon.

Much will be the same as before, we’ll still be offering an interesting and varied selection of films, but there will also be some changes…

Firstly, we’ll be introducing a varied ticket price. You’ll be able to choose between £5, £7 and £10. Although we think that £7 is a fair price for a movie, it is hoped that the £5 option might encourage a few more people to give us a go or just make it a bit more affordable where needed. The £10 option is our ‘donation’ price for those people that want to give a bit of extra support. These prices will be available when booking online and paying on the door. We’ll also use this pricing structure when screening at Beau Cinema.

Secondly, and perhaps most nervously, we are going to trial not naming the film before the evening. This is a big change as we are asking you to come along, be adventurous and trust us. The poster for each screening will give a general idea of the tone / theme and we will still give BBFC ratings info so that you can make an informed choice regarding ‘content’.

I hope that both of these changes will be positive and add something to our screenings. I’ll be updating the website over the next couple of days and more information about our first screening will be released shortly.

Thank you for you continued support, I hope to see you soon.


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