Review: Lynn + Lucy (2019)

A compelling drama about two friends that is as rigorous in form as it is in character exploration.

Fyzal Boulifa’s Lynn + Lucy is a fascinating combination of technique and performance. When we first meet the pair they are two old school friends who are slightly separated from the world by their friendship, a place of refuge for both, and the film’s 4:3 frame. As the film progresses, and a tragedy invades, the pair become separated by the framing, which also informs new and re-kindled relationships.

This device (often replicated within the frame through mirrors, windows, doors and TV screens) keeps the characters at just enough of a remove to avoid the trappings of melodrama without creating a gap between the actor and audience. This gives the actors nowhere to hide and highlights a pair of stunning central performances from Roxanne Scrimshaw (Lynn) and Nichola Burley (Lucy). Scrimshaw is particularly effective at embodying a character who seems more adrift with every step that she takes.

Highly Recommended.

Lynn + Lucy is available to watch via the BFI player from 3 July.

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