Clameur Du Cinéma is dedicated to watching films as part of an audience.

Screenings generally take place on the last Wednesday of the month in the Frossard Theatre at Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery. Full screening information can be found on our Screenings page.

As Guernsey Museum is closed during the evening, entrance to Clameur Du Cinéma events will be through the La Société entrance. This is clearly signposted as you enter the grounds from the Priaulx Library end. Please see the below map.

Unfortunately, refreshments are not available to purchase onsite but please feel free to bring your own (Candie Cache is just a skip away). The less crinkly the better.

Tickets for screenings are offered at variable price points.

£7 / Standard – We think a night with a good movie is worth £7 and this price gives us the best chance of covering costs.

£5 / Basic – Our concession ticket, available to everyone.

£10 / Donation – You want to buy a ticket and give a little extra support to help us cover screening costs.

Tickets can be booked via our profile on TicketSource. (Tickets for screenings at Beau Cinema are sold on Guernsey Tickets). Unless sold out, tickets are also available to purchase ‘on the door’ at screenings.

Guernsey MuseumFurther information about Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery can be found at www.museums.gov.gg.

Photos of the Frossard Theatre taken by www.jtphotogsy.co.uk

You won’t find us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We do have a mailing list, contact us via the form below if you want to be added to it.

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