Clameur Du Cinéma is dedicated to watching films as part of an audience.

That’s it.

We show films that are interesting, that need sharing and beg the question ‘have you seen?’. The only stipulation is that it hasn’t been screened elsewhere in Guernsey.

Screenings generally take place on the last Wednesday of the month and our 2019 dates are 26 Jun, 31 Jul, 28 Aug, 25 Sept, 30 Oct, 27 Nov and 18 Dec. Further information about individual screenings will be added as booking are made.

The screenings take place in the Frossard Theatre at Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery.

As Guernsey Museum is generally closed during the evening, entrance to Clameur Du Cinéma events will be through the La Société entrance. This is clearly signposted as you enter the grounds from the Priaulx Library end. Please see the below map.

Guernsey Museum

Further information about Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery can be found at www.museums.gov.gg.

If you have a suggestion for a screening please feel free to get in touch via the contact form on the ‘About’ page.

Photos of the Frossard Theatre taken by www.jtphotogsy.co.uk

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact using the below form.


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