Desert Warriors and The Problem with Dune (1984).

I've seen Dune more times than I really should have.  I've gone through phases with it and in 2013 I wrote the following... "Although not perfect (what film is?) it’s a great big, weird and ballsy piece of sci-fi.  What really feels right is the savage nature of the world in which it’s set both … Continue reading Desert Warriors and The Problem with Dune (1984).


Proof of Concept

I've just worked my way through the available videos in Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studio project on YouTube and I think they're really worth your time. Like his earlier short films all the videos are full of ideas and wonderful / haunting images, and their incomplete concept feel is part of the charm. Unlike his feature … Continue reading Proof of Concept

The Keep (1982) is on NetflixUK.

I noticed last night that Micheal Mann's The Keep (1983) is currently available on Netflix UK.  Despite being screened occasionally on Film4 this is welcome news for anyone still clinging onto their VHS or, like me, their poor laserdisc to DVD copy.  Unlike the Amazon rental the Netflix version retains the widescreen format even if … Continue reading The Keep (1982) is on NetflixUK.

Offcuts: In (no real) Defence of Sony.

So let's just get one thing straight.  What happened to The Interview (2014?) is outrageous.  It's censorship plain and simple.  It's a gross act.  It's blackmail.  It's also a real shame that Sony have pulled the film from release (don't get me wrong it looks about as funny as one might expect but censorship is … Continue reading Offcuts: In (no real) Defence of Sony.

Offcuts: Women and Wolves

So, I found myself talking The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) a couple of nights back and it turns out that one of the scenes that really stuck with me (and, despite it's flaws, many do) features a female employee having her head shaved for cash.  With the general commotion and marching band etc what … Continue reading Offcuts: Women and Wolves