Son of Saul / Saul fia (2015)

The problem with representing the Holocaust on film is that you are making entertainment, and that is uneasy when you are talking about the 20th Century’s greatest scar.  I'm not suggesting that the Holocaust is sacred amongst all obscenities but it's a defining event for a number of reasons; firstly the murder, secondly the mechanisation of … Continue reading Son of Saul / Saul fia (2015)


Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

The lack at the heart of Ridley Scott's Biblical epic is faith.  The film can't decide what it believes or even if it does and this leaves the viewer unsure of what the story is about.  Why is the story of Moses important?  You wouldn't know from this. In 1956, when Charlton Heston donned the beard … Continue reading Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)