Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)

Monsters (2010) was such a unique film that following it was always going to be difficult.  It took a fantastic subject and made it background, war and suffering as white noise whilst we go about our lives.  Something exotic.  Monsters: Dark Continent places war in the foreground and the interest is lost as the metaphor … Continue reading Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)


Film: Godzilla (2014)

Okay, so what's good about Godzilla is that it is a Godzilla movie.  It's not trying to reinvent the wheel but it does put all the pieces together in the correct order.  It also delivers a number of stunning set-pieces along the way, including a dazzling HALO jump to Ligeti's Requiem, and director Gareth Edwards retains the visual … Continue reading Film: Godzilla (2014)