TV: In the Flesh (2013 – )

Watching The Walking Dead these past couple of weeks has been a bit of a chore.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like it but it seems like the programme guide info is a constant repetition of ‘Rick and the group face new challenges’, ‘Rick and the group find safety but is everything as it seems’, ‘tensions mount as Rick and the group face new challenges… that might not be as they seem’ and so on etc etc and I keep thinking about BBC 3’s wonderful drama In the Flesh.

Based four years after ‘the Rising’, the show tackles the question of what happens after all the head shots and brain eating has finished and cleverly keeps the big problem (the guilt of killing and the guilt of enjoying it)  front and centre by having the undead semi-cured and return home.  It created an answer to The Walking Dead’s biggest problem, which is ‘where to go from here’ and, because no zombie is just a zombie, it was a great portrait of what it’s like to be a teen and different.

Sadly, I’m writing this on a day when it’s been announced that BBC 3 will be closed in Autumn 2015.  It’s a channel that usually has stuff I don’t like on it (which is one of the arguments I’ve heard for closing it and one of the most spoilt brat pieces of logic going) but regularly turns out great, odd, experimental TV.  Apparently, it’ll live on ‘online’ shuffling around just like a…